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VIP Website in a Week for Turning 30 Coach

Is our VIP Website in a week service the right fit for you? Read Emma’s story.

Meet Emma, the world’s first (and only) Turning 30 coach. Her IG account, courses, and coaching have empowered hundreds of women moving into a new decade, to take back their happiness and build their best life.

We recently caught up with Emma to hear how her business has blossomed since her new website went live.

‘I was always a bit embarrassed about my website’

I’d been selling all my coaching on Instagram. I was ready to scale my business, uplevel, and move away from 1:1 towards group coaching. When people need more info about my courses, I was reluctant to send them to my site. It was self-made four years ago and I was a bit embarrassed.

But now, I needed a dedicated hub of landing pages to sell my new products.

‘I spoke to two or three people via Wix experts, but none understood my brand’

They were all nowhere near where I wanted to be in terms of my brand. They didn't understand anything about I what I was doing.

I saw Karen’s brand and thought, wow, this is another level. It oozed ‘international’.

‘Then I realized, hey, I don’t want a mismatched site’

I really wanted a good landing page to sell my new group program from, when I saw Karen's work, I was like, okay. I don't want to have one beautiful landing page that sticks out like a sore thumb.

So I went for a full VIP Website in a Week.

‘Karen was super professional, so responsive. I felt really safe. Really taken care of’

She sent a really helpful branding questionnaire that got me to dig down into my business and what I wanted. I researched other coaches, trying to find the aesthetic that I liked. And then we got to work.

It was a tight deadline but we did it. It was a website in a week.

Happily ever after

Emma’s beautiful new site launched, and she sold out her program selling 27 (!) new coaching clients through it shortly after.

We asked, Emma how does this website make you feel?

She said:

I just love it. It’s me. Karen managed to take everything that I wanted and package it in a way that felt really authentic to my brand. Now when someone asks to see my site, I direct them to it proudly. My new site saves me time in my business, and in general, I feel more reliable and confident as a business owner because of it.

Want a site like Emma’s? Let’s talk.




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