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Why We Love Wix - Awaken’s Journey to Official Wix Partner

Since 2006, Wix has revolutionized how websites can - and should - be designed. Allowing designers and clients to collaborate in an intuitive environment, Wix has made building and maintaining powerful websites a truly seamless experience.

In fact, Wix was started by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. The platform’s founders were trying to create a website for a different project and quickly became frustrated with how difficult and costly it was to get themselves online. It was out of this frustration that Wix was born, and continues to evolve into the most accessible website building platform in existence today.

Awaken & Wix

When I first got started designing websites in 2013, it was out of sheer luck that I happened upon Wix - and at first, it was the community that really got me hooked.

Visiting the Wix Lounge in NYC offered a fun working environment filled with inclusive and like minded people (and the best Friday happy hours). Within a few short months, it became so much more than that - I was hired to consult new Wix users at the lounge, lead Wix Mastermind groups, and put on large scale events as the NYC Wix Ambassador. As my ties to the product continued to strengthen, so did my place within the community. Today I can proudly say that I am an Official Wix Partner.

Throughout the years I’ve had many people approach me looking for websites built with other platforms (Wordpress, Squarespace etc.) but after trying them out, and realizing that each had significant limitations, it became clear that diving deeper into Wix was a true form of expansion for Awaken.

As we grow, so too does Wix.

Wix is committed to consistently improving the tools they offer to entrepreneurs and in doing so, expand their users’ digital freedom and success. It really is a one stop shop business suite - we've experienced firsthand how Wix has enabled our business to achieve new heights and we are proud to share these tools with our clients as well.

So without further ado, here are some of the top reasons that we appreciate Wix, and why we’ve chosen it as our website weapon of choice.

1. Ease of Use & Cohesion

Wix affords each user full creative control over website design - without needing to write a single line of code.

Why is this such a big deal? Because most other popular website platforms are designed for developers. Although websites made on other platforms certainly look sleek, it can be challenging for website owners to update their sites and grow their online presence without the need for additional help post launch.

With Wix’s intuitive, user-friendly interface, website owners are handed the freedom to manage their online business alongside their offline operations - thereby driving overall growth.

2. An All-In App Market

Wix has thought of almost everything when it comes to native applications and specializes in listening to what the community wants and needs in order to keep adding more. Some free, some paid, these apps can easily streamline a business’ digital processes. In the Wix App Market you will find built-in solutions for blog, e-commerce, membership portals, and events management - to name a few. Many of our clients credit these apps for helping grow their businesses as they are fully integrated with each other and structured in a familiar way.

3. Streamlined SEO

Implementing a strong SEO strategy is a process that can seem overwhelming to many new website owners. Wix simplifies this key step by providing all the tools needed right where you can expect to find them.

Starting with the features that many experts agree are the most effective to ‘let Google know what you’re about’ - it’s easy to add Page Titles and Descriptions (Metadata), as well as Alt tags and H1’s. Wix also offers the SEO Wiz - a quick 3 question wizard that checks that a site has taken full advantage of all of Wix’s SEO tools and issues a site-specific plan with easy to understand improvements if necessary. Once complete, a site can be indexed on Google in just seconds, which will help drive exposure and traffic over time.

As Wix continues to develop its product offering, I am reminded why it really is the best platform to create powerful websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The evolving features, the ease-of-use, and the community driven approach has made the journey from Wix Lounge visitor to Official Wix Partner a really fulfilling one - and I wouldn’t change it for the world (or any other platform ;)).

Are you ready for your custom Wix website? Drop us a line on our contact page :).


john smith
john smith
Mar 22

so many useful info! Thanks


Mark Millin
Mark Millin
Nov 09, 2023

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