Design that delights, delivers and converts.

Capture your audience as soon as they land on your site. As experts at creating meaningful websites, Awaken applies a thoughtful, elevated approach to design that makes a lasting impact from the very first click. 



Custom Wix Website

Your website is your virtual introduction to the world, which means that it needs a strategy that reflects your vision and guides your customer experience. From start to finish, our team will guide you through our signature process that ensures the way you’re represented speaks clearly to your audience. 

Through our close and collaborative process, we’ll design a website that showcases what you do and helps set you apart — with your business goals leading the way. At every stage, you’ll always know exactly what’s happening and why, because we believe that clear communication delivers standout results. 

This service is perfect for any business that wants a strategic website rooted in impactful design and a clear plan for success the second you launch.








VIP Website In A Week

Know it’s time to up level up, but don’t have months or even weeks to dedicate to working on your new website? Say no more. In one week ONLY we will design and build you a custom 6 page website that is strategic and built to convert. Our unique pre-project prep sessions will provide you with clarity and ideas to gather the content needed prior to the start of the project so that on design week we can hit the ground running. This package is great for service based businesses that are ready to show up confidently online and can move with us at a fast pace to make it happen.




1 Day Website

If you’ve been ready to launch your website since yesterday, booking our 1 Day Website will deliver a simple informational website (3-4 pages) or landing page that does the trick within 8 hours. Walk away with a done-for-you website that’s live and ready to go, informed by our personal recommendations and designed with care. This is the quickest, most accessible way to skip our waiting list and get exclusive access to our team for a day.







Post-Launch Support

We don’t have to say goodbye once your website goes live! If you’re a past client who continues to have dynamic ongoing needs, we can continue working together post-launch to ensure that your website evolves with you as you grow – and that no question ever goes unanswered.


Custom Add-ons

There's more to successful online presence than just a website. We’re thrilled to support your business with all the essentials needed to thrive online.



A strong brand identity should showcase your vision in a memorable way. If it’s time to share your brand with the world or hit “refresh” on your existing logo, our team is ready to hit the drawing board.


Our copy partners are the best in the business. We’ll help translate your thoughts and voice into copy that attracts and converts — every time.


To rank on google and drive new leads online, your website will need the assistance of a committed SEO or Paid Ads sidekick. Our partners have the know-how to establish and implement the best digital marketing strategy for your business.


"Karen is not only attentive, professional and responsive, she really LISTENS. That is a gift."



Our Process

Let’s get better acquainted. We’ll chat about what your brand represents, your big why and the overarching goals for your business so we can outline a custom plan for your new website.


What makes Awaken Studio different?

We’ll let one of our clients answer this one: “I was blown away by the quality of communication. Throughout the project Karen provided guidance, recommendations and constant updates to ensure that the project exceeded all expectations. Karen and her team are professional, punctual and bring insightful observations to you that will not only improve your website, but your entire business.”

Why is a website so important if my business is already doing well?

We bet that if you’ve landed on this page - you already know YOUR answer to this question ;). Although each particular business has a different reason for wanting a website, what’s true for all is that a website is a business's home, online. Not only designed to be beautiful, an impactful website should bring your offline experience online and optimize your business’ success. For some, this means attracting more clients, for others, it means making use of powerful features and pages that automate tasks and make life easier.

Why Wix?

We believe that Wix is the best platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Beyond being a great platform for us to design in and bring your vision to life, it offers you - our clients - a platform to easily manage and make updates to your website post-launch. It is also great for SEO, and has many native plug-ins (that often means free!) for managing and growing your business.

Why would I pay someone to design a Wix site?

Sure you can design your own website with Wix, and it may even look good, but along with years of experience designing beautiful websites, we bring to the table the strategy needed to convert your website’s visitors into delighted customers. After taking the time to discuss your goals and truly understand your business, we're able to create smart designs that incorporate an effective user journey built to attract your favorite clients.

How much are your services?

Our Custom Websites start at $4,000 USD, Website Refreshes at $2,500 and 1 Day Websites are a flat fee of $1,200. Each project quote is unique and tailored to your specific website needs (number of pages, e-commerce integrations, membership portals, or other custom elements). We work with budgets of all shapes and sizes, so please do reach out if you’d like to discuss an offbeat collaboration!

How do payments work?

We typically bill 50% up front, and 50% upon design completion - right before we transfer ownership of the website to you and launch your site! Please note that payment terms may vary depending on the size and timeline of your project and if your project is booked more than 3 weeks after we sign our contract we do require a 25% deposit to hold your spot in our calendar.

Are there any other costs involved?

We may decide to go with custom design elements such as a paid font or a unique video background. If you would like to do so, custom elements are a supplementary charge. In addition, the cost of Wix website hosting (typically $150-$300/yr depending on the plan you select) and domain name (around $15/yr) is not included in our payment package.

I’m ready, when can we start?

Please reach out and let’s discuss! Our start date will depend on the size and scope of your project, as well as our current availability.


When you’re ready for a website that you’ll be proud of for years to come — count us in.

Let's talk about how we can help your business scale to new heights.