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Savvy service providers, we see you.

You’re out there building your business, making an impact, and barely coming up for air. In the midst of serving your amazing people, your website has been admittedly pushed to the side. You know it deserves more attention, but the process feels too daunting.


Word has it that a custom website takes months to complete, but you just don’t have that kinda time. You can barely commit to finishing your coffee in the morning, let alone a long-term web-design relationship!

dani sarusi website

You don’t have weeks or months to spare – you want to start uplevelling your business sooner, rather than later. 

You love the idea of one focused week of web design – and can work with us at a fast (but comfortable) pace to bring your new site to life! 

This is perfect for you if...

You know your business needs a strong online presence – one that positions you as the expert that you are.

You’re the sole decision-maker in your business – and can provide quick, clear feedback without wading through a million layers of red tape. 

Here’s what the process looks like

Psst. It’s simple and streamlined so you can get a brand-new website without having to derail your schedule!

Phase 1: Strategy

  • Detailed questionnaire to articulate your target audience, brand values, business goals, and more.

  • Competitor analysis to create a special place in the market for you to stand out and own your uniqueness.

  • Web prep session (1.5-hour call) to dive deep into your business and structure your new website.

  • Comprehensive copy guide to remove all guesswork on what to write and where for maximum conversion.

  • Web-prep check-in (1 hour) to run through your completed copy guide, offer feedback, and close any gaps before the design stage.

Ready for a website that effortlessly attracts your dream clients?

Let’s set aside one easy-peasy week to make it happen.





1 Week



“I now have the easiest sales process ever. Instead of explaining anything to my clients, I just tell them to go look at my website which captures the essence of my business and helps me book more by being persuasive without being sales-ey.”

— Aviva Sireling, Aviva Sireling Makeup Artist

“Karen and her team made the entire process so easy and enjoyable. They guided me, gave me clear instructions and helped me organize and gather my thoughts and images. I had no idea how they would take so many different style images and make the site look cohesive but somehow they did and I am truly blown away by the end result.”

— Rachel Shamah, Roombuzz

“I felt like I was going through a very finely-tuned process.  Everything I was asked to complete served a purpose and contributed to the design and content of my site in some way.  Ultimately, that led to the site being created PERFECTLY, so much so that I had no input whatsoever in terms of changes. I’m still speechless.”

— Matt Kelichner, Movement Logistics

"My new website paid for itself in 2 months! I became so proud to send people to it. Potential clients messaged me — 'I'm obsessed with your website. I read through the whole thing. It's engaging, there's videos, it's fun, and inspiring.' People go on there and explore. And then by the time they get on a phone call with me, they're sold. ”

— Dani Sarusi, Dani Sarusi Brand Photographer

“It felt like the process had become a journey for us to rectify our WHY and reignite why we love what we do. We loved working with you both (Karen & Guia), thank you for being so supportive, a great guide throughout the process and for loving our website as much as we do.”

— Live and Sefton, House Ldn

“Beyond web design, you are working with a team who GETS you, wants to understand your brand, and help you get clear with yourself. I now have a website that I love and that gives me the confidence to put myself out there.”

— Liat Shpaizman, Mindful Mamma

“I just love it. It’s me. Karen managed to take everything that I wanted and package it in a way that felt really authentic to my brand. Now when someone asks to see my site, I direct them to it proudly. My new site saves me time in my business, and in general, I feel more reliable and confident as a business owner because of it.”

— Emma Wilson, Turning 30 Coach

Custom websites from our highlight reel

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