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Recently Launched: Weglot for Editor X Promo Site

Where You Go, Weglot

When Weglot asked us to elevate awareness about their translation tool, the timing could not have been better. Since moving to Tel Aviv two years ago, I’ve received SO many requests to make websites multilingual and Weglot is the perfect app to make translation comprehensive for my clients and their website visitors. Catering to designers using Wix and Editor X, Weglot is not only simple and easy to install, it seamlessly integrates with any website and makes SEO optimization a breeze. Weglot follows multilingual best practices so keywords and phrases from translated pages automatically index on Google. This impressive feature makes Weglot stand out in a crowd full of other website translation apps.

Here, There and Everywhere

The goal was to build a promotional website for Weglot on Wix’s new Editor X platform that’s as inspiring and effortlessly cool as the service itself. We immediately signed up for the challenge, thrilled at the design possibilities. To make this website feel universal, we embraced diversity and drew inspiration from different cultures, personalities and humans we love. When we think of how different parts of the world are perceived, we might think of food culture in Italy, the bright colors of Brazil, minimalist design in Scandinavia or the fashion of Paris. All of these cultural insights had to come together in a real, relatable way. And since we knew this website would engage Editor X users, who are largely design pioneers themselves, we knew we had to do something fresh.

Drawing On Inspiration

We reached out to an animator (thanks Natalie!) who helped us bring life to a friendly group of characters who look so cool I wish I could invite them over for a cappuccino. Beyond the eye-catching illustrations, the Editor X website is fully responsive and features unique scrolling effects that make learning about Weglot a fun and interactive experience. The end result was an energetic Editor X site, featuring tons of movement and vibrancy at the core. It really demonstrates how the Weglot translation app is fast-acting, easily accessible and effortless.

Speaking Our Language

As Wix fans, we’re used to simple, no-code design, making Weglot the perfect app to work with. There were no technical barriers, which is a HUGE benefit. Alleviating that piece of the puzzle further simplified installation, and it took almost no time at all! There are over 100 languages to choose from, and everything is centralized in one platform making edits to the translation a breeze.

On the Same Page

Getting Weglot up and running is super easy! To simplify things even more, thought

I’d share with you a quick step-by-step walkthrough video I put together. The entirety of the set-up took a few minutes, but you’ll want to spend some more time exploring all the wonderful features on the Weglot dashboard. Some personal favorites include the visual editor, glossary and statistics. I encourage you to check it out and experience the ease of use for yourself.


john smith
john smith
Mar 22

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Jan 23

The promotional website built on Wix's new Editor X platform sounds amazing! Embracing diversity and drawing inspiration from different cultures is such a great approach. The use of eye-catching illustrations and the involvement of an animator adds so much life and personality to the website. And the unique scrolling effects make learning about Weglot a fun and interactive experience.

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