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How we’ve grown and continue to evolve — Say HI to the new Awaken

If you’re a client, colleague or friend of Awaken, you’re likely familiar with our brand, and may have visited our previous website. However, websites - like people - grow and evolve backed by the colorful experiences and inspiring people they encounter along the way.

Change is inevitable, and it is also invaluable.

Something that I have learned - and which has profoundly helped shape Awaken - is to welcome change with open arms rather than shying away from it. The only thing consistent in life is change, and what represented Awaken so well when we first got started, no longer reflects who we are and the work that we do today.

As the world welcomes more and more businesses online, the winning design strategies of just a few years ago don't pack the same punch as they used to. By following and embracing change with every step, Awaken has steadily earned layer upon layer of digital expertise.

In fact, so much has happened over the last 5 years that in order to unearth our new skin, we had to peer deep into our core and slowly peel away at the things that no longer speak for our brand and represent our business.

It's as if Awaken has been having an Awakening.

The result of 6 months of purposeful self-reflection is a re-launched and re-designed website that is about so much more than just the external look. It’s our business re-imagined built to better represent ourselves and serve our audience.


It was a difficult process to finally embrace that I, Karen - am my brand - and the driving force behind Awaken. At different points in time, Awaken has held headquarters in different countries, occupied various office spaces and welcomed diverse team members - but all along, the common denominator for the direction and success of our business has been the creativity growing inside of me.

Hiding behind my brand had become a safe place.

When I paused to reflect on this, I realized that all I had been doing was selling myself short. Embracing who I am and the value that my insights bring should only serve to create a stronger connection between myself and my audience - and give my clients a better feel for who they are about to trust with their business.

So on the new Awaken you'll see me step out of the shadows and show up a whole lot more. The new site is designed from a much more personal perspective that is true to who I am today, and the brand into which Awaken has evolved.


In the past, I used to offer a large array of services even though most of the time people would ask for the main attraction - websites created with Wix. I used to think that more services = more growth. Wrong. Listing more services ended up giving off the impression that Awaken was a Jill of all trades, master of none.

The honest truth is that Awaken is excellent at one essential thing, creating Wix websites that connect and convert.

Honestly, niching down has felt like the ultimate spring cleaning. We’ve gotten rid of the services that no longer serve us, and proudly introduce packages that address a diverse set of needs and budgets in order to help all of our clients achieve the Wix website of their dreams. You can take a look at our updated services here.


I’ve noticed an impactful shift in the way that businesses deliver value on their sites over the past few years. Businesses are better serving their communities by sharing more informative content and complementary resources than ever before. I love the feeling of landing on a site, spending some time on it - and realizing that I have walked away with more knowledge and ideas than I had when I arrived.

So after growing an accomplished business for over half a decade, with countless client success stories, I feel that providing more value on our site is one small way that I can give back.

Along with this launch, I've created an awesome freebie, Build a Website that Converts with my top tips for creating powerful websites - which has served as our framework for years to create high converting websites.

Looking forward and looking back.

It’s been a memorable 5 years of growth and self-discovery, and I’m excited for the value that the new Awaken will bring.

To those of you who have been around since the beginning - thank you - for all that you have done to sculpt Awaken into who we are today. Your support and loving friendship has helped more than just Awaken, it extends to our community of established and aspiring entrepreneurs striving for success in our shared digital world.

Looking forward, I’ll be talking more about impactful website design and what it takes to create a flourishing online business. If you have any suggestions, questions or want to collaborate, I’m here to chat!

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