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Tips for Finding the Perfect Visuals For Your New Site

Great images and beautiful websites go hand-in-hand. That’s why we’ve put together some of our best tips to sourcing (and sending) the kind of visuals that will make your site stand out. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to finding the best quality images for your site:

Bigger is better

High-res images aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity. Part of maximizing the impact of your website is in large, eye-catching images that look great on all screens, from an iPhone to a computer. Make sure background or header images (your logo or headshots don’t have to be this big) are a minimum of 2000 pixels wide to ensure they are usable on your site.

Opt for Landscape photos when possible

Landscape photos (those are the wide photos, rather than tall) are a web designer’s best friend. They give us the most to work with and play well with screen sizes of where your customers will be viewing your site from. We use them for sliders, header photos and backgrounds.

“Dead space” is Ok

In traditional photography, having too much “blank space” can be boring….but for us it creates a canvas. We can layer text, buttons, and other elements over these kinds of photos so send us what you have, no matter if the main subject is way off in the corner or sitting dead center (we’ll be happy to have options!).

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Don’t limit yourself to photographs

Your website isn’t limited to photographs; some of our best work has featured creative patterns, digital designs and color blocks: if you’re at a loss for photos, consider incorporating graphics, drawings, or similar imagery to elevate the overall look.

Use Stock Photos Strategically

Stock photos are no longer the bland, boring - oftenposed - photos of the past. Multiple websites offer an array of professionally shot photos with a wide selection of themes that could be relevant to your site. It takes some browsing, but there are still many high quality options available. With the help of some of our favorite stock image sites such as deathtothestockphoto or unsplash, we can help select photos, textures and backgrounds that will bring your brand to life.

Hire a Professional

Professional photographers can make a huge difference in the appearance of your business, and their images are highly usable – not only for your website, but for social media, print advertisements and more. It’s a sure way to make sure your product or message is communicated and you’ll have the benefit of bouncing ideas off of the photographer and coming away with shots that might have never occured to you.



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