Yahel Israel

A website as multi-dimensional as the communities they serve.

For years, Yahel has been helping young people and future leaders discover the “real Israel” through their immersive programming. Their goal to increase awareness and enrollments for their fellowship program meant that it was important to create a dynamic site that emphasized the depth of their mission and past participants experiences. Our discussions with the Yahel staff and their past alumni lead us to create a unique set of pages that combine sample weekly itineraries, city pages, and a detailed description of their core program. This new interactive layout combined with thoughtfully placed lead captures resulted in a site that both educates and encourages future participants to get in touch with Yahel’s enrollment staff.

+ Custom Wix Website 

+ Content Strategy 

+ Copywriting 

A modern yet straightforward design appeals to Yahel’s target audience of prospective program participants. Bright colors, positive imagery, and authentic testimonials, help communicate the organization's values for leadership and community.

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