Your Personal Wix Consultation  |  $175

Wix NYC Ambassador Event Special

I'm opening up 10 spots for one-on-one consultation to get your website to the next level and empower you to execute your goals through a beautiful (functional) site! And since we're all local to New York, I'm making this available for in-person or virtual consulting. 


Here's the deal: I'll work side by side with you to dive deep into your business, get our hands into the back end of your website, and bounce ideas off of each other. I'll give you my professional advice, but we'll focus completely on your business, how to best communicate with your clients, and I'll help build you a custom sitemap based around the optimal structure for your website. It's going to be an information-packed hour-and-a-half and I'm so excited to see how I can help you grow your website and better understand the direction that you want to take your business. 

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