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Turning 30 Coach

Emma Wilson has a unique story. After a ‘turning 30’ crisis, Emma set out on a journey to empower women in their late-twenties and thirties to live a fuller, happier life.

With an upcoming sales launch, Emma’s self-made website wouldn’t cut it to sell her new program. She needed a website that would genuinely reflect her vibe and mission.


“I just love it. It’s me. Karen managed to take everything that I wanted and package it in a way that felt really authentic to my brand. Now when someone asks to see my site, I direct them to it proudly. My new site saves me time in my business, and in general, I feel more reliable and confident as a business owner because of it.”

The Need

A website and sales page that would do all the heavy selling while conveying Emma’s powerful program and empowering energy.

FINAL Turning 30 - Mockup - 7_edited.png

The Website

Emma’s website is a case study in bringing a client’s vision to life. When she told us “I’m obsessed with this bathing suit that turns from purple to orange" — we brought that to life in the form of a button.

Custom Features Incorporated:

Engaging slider text in the hero section to broadcast her message as strongly and quickly as possible.

A strategic sales page peppered with conversion practices, helping Emma launch a wildly successful course.

A user-friendly podcast integration so Emma could display her popular weekly podcast with ease.

The Result

Emma’s beautiful new site launched, and she sold out her program selling 27 (!) new group coaching clients. Bonus: Emma is the proudest website owner you’ll find.

Awaken your brand, create something beautiful.

Awaken your brand, create something beautiful.


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