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The Bayar Group

Rahel Bayar, a powerful and passionate abuse-prevention consultant is a visionary. But her homemade website didn’t quite match her expertise. She was looking for an engaging website to improve her standing and attract a specific educational audience.


So she approached Awaken for a website revamp that would convey her skill and drive. Rahel loved our systematic and efficient website-building  process.


"My goal was to have a professional brand — from the moment someone clicks on the website to the moment they decide whether to engage me or not. What was great about the new website is it just felt so professional and legit. People now feel legitimately comfortable hiring me."

The Need

Rahel offers a unique service and is targeting a niche audience that valued industry authorities. She needed a site that would build her legitimacy and credibility.

rahel bayar
conference audience
the bayar group
the bayar group website

The Website

We crafted a trust-inspiring website that communicated Rahel’s expertise, significant media presence, and signature services—so that her audience would understand she was a perfect choice for their needs. 

the bayar group website

Custom Features Incorporated:

Multiple CTAs, strategically placed throughout each page to engage different audiences.

the bayar group website

A testimonial carousel placed on several pages highlight Rachel's most glowing reviews — thereby gaining credibility and trust.

the bayar group website

An authority-building media page, showcasing her many media appearances in a variety of engaging formats.

the bayar group media
the bayar group website

The Result

A magnificent website that speaks directly to Rahel’s audience while striking the perfect balance of professional and personable. 

Awaken your brand, create something beautiful.

rahel bayar

Awaken your brand, create something beautiful.


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