Sasha Nassar

A modern e-commerce site that combines clean lines and bold design.

Sasha Nassar is a Paris-based fashion designer creating a name for herself through her womenswear line inspired by traditional elements and modern style. As a new name in the fashion industry, she was in need of an updated website and a way to beautifully, effectively sell her designs. This clean, modern website was designed to showcase Sasha’s fashion line and most recent collections. A simple menu and clean modern lines helped achieve the minimalist look she was hoping for. All attention is kept on the pieces themselves, encouraging viewers to browse available pieces. Finally, the inclusion of a fluid, functional e-commerce page helps encourages viewers to make the natural move from viewing to purchasing.

+ Custom Wix Website 

+ Content Strategy 

+ E-Commerce

The Website

A clean and simple e-commerce component matches the highly minimalistic theme and encourages online purchases.

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