Sarah Wenig Wellness

Helping transform a love for wellness and music into a business and a brand.

Sarah Wenig was looking to kick off her career as a Wellness Coach with a fully branded website. She needed something that showed off her services, knowledge and credibility while also feeling approachable and fun. We worked with Sarah to craft a beautiful, customized website with tons of personality, a custom logo, and all-new copywriting. The result was more than a website; it was the foundation for her new company and the tools she needed to start promoting herself to future clients.

+ Custom Wix Website 

+ Content Strategy 

+ Visual Branding

+ Copywriting 

+ Photography

The Visual Branding

Bold graphics and handwritten fonts instilled the charm and personality that Sarah embodies and hopes to share with her future clients.

The Photography

In partnership with Ashley Adele Photography

The Website

Taking into account Sarah's passion for music and her approach for infusing it though the work she does, our team took on the challenge to build a music inspired website with the main goal still being getting new nutrition coaching clients.

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