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Updated: Sep 22, 2018

One of the awesome clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with is Mark Greenfield of On Your Mark -- a New York-based personal trainer who specializes in sports massage and fitness. When we first met with Mark, he was lacking a proper website and effective online presence. His new site originated as a product of our 1-Day Website program, and since his heightened success we've continued to work together. Last week, I got a chance to speak with Mark about his experience prior to working with us and how working together helped improve his business — check out our interview!

So Mark, how were you promoting your business before working with us?

Originally, I built my website using sites like Web.com and promoted the site through Main Street Hub and Yelp. I had a really poor experience working with these sites that weren’t providing me with any new or promising clients. I was spending all this extra money on advertising, sometimes even offering promotional discounts towards my services, which only  brought in clients who weren’t looking to form a relationship with a personal trainer, they were just there for the one-time deal. It’s important to me to get organic clients and traffic without having to mark down the prices of my services. I was even writing my own content and doing my own marketing, but I was seeing zero positive results. I started my website in 2016 and it looked like it came from someone’s zip disk back in 1995.

How did you discover Awaken Studio and what was the process like working us?

I met Karen through a mutual friend who highly recommended her. I consulted with her to discuss my original website and the next steps to take my website to the next level. When we first started working together, I had originally chosen the 1-Day website. However, due to the success and overall great partnership we’ve developed, I’ve continued to work with her and her team since then.

While working with Awaken, I was able to collaborate with Karen and her extensive network of colleagues who truly helped me hone in on my brand. We did a photoshoot together, redesigned my logo, worked with their copy editor, and I discovered the importance of SEO. Collaborating with a talented group of people helped me strengthen my brand and online presence.

How did your business and overall online presence change with SEO?

One of the amazing people from Awaken’s network was their digital marketing partner, Art, who specializes in SEO. He had me start a blog and write articles and newsletters which we promoted through Facebook, where I gained the majority of traffic. I wrote ten articles over a four month trial which we used to test keywords for boosting traffic. We got over 10,000 likes, shares, and post reactions through On Your Mark’s main site and social media pages. With my ideas, Awaken’s designs, and Art’s marketing magic, we were able to figure out what kind of content attracted visitors and converted to sales.

What results have you seen since working with Awaken?

Since working with the Awaken team, my income has tripled. After our launch six months ago, I’ve started working with over 60 new clients. Although It’s a self-sustaining process, I continue to work with Awaken regularly to add any additional improvements or necessary tweaks that could boost my website even further.

What’s a typical day for you?

I’m usually working with up to five clients a day, in and out of the office. It’s great because I get to work with people all over the city. When I get a new client, it’s not like we work together once and I never see them again. These are high-quality clients whom I’m building long-term relationships with.

Any final thoughts?

Working with Awaken has brought me a dramatic wave of success. Not only that, it’s taught me a lot about the ins and outs of building a website from logos to content. My overall experience with them has been excellent and I recommend that anyone without a website check them out!

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