Rebecca's Live! + Our Natural Beauty Makeovers

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

Rebecca Casciano is one of our amazing clients, and she also happens to be an achieved makeup artist based out of New York. We took the opportunity to get to know her business a little better while putting the  final touches on her website. Read on to hear about Rebecca’s website makeover, and our all-natural makeup session!

The Visit

With the wonderful excuse of needing new headshots, we took to the streets of New York to meet up with client and professional makeup artist Rebecca Casciano.  After collaborating for the past couple months to create Rebecca’s new and personality-filled website, we were excited to see her work in action. With services shaped around self-love, sisterhood, and natural beauty… we liked the sound of what was in store!

One of the biggest challenges we faced in the website was breaking down all that Rebecca has to offer her clients and transforming that into clear and defined services, and making sure each one stood out as the unique service that it is. It was our goal to show website visitors how friendly, professional, and authentic Rebecca’s services are, and at the same time guide visitors through the amazing offerings ranging from her Sacred Beauty Salon to her Makeup Artistry sessions. With headshots as the goal, Rebecca suggested a professional makeup session so we could learn, but mostly just come out looking amazing (and decked out in all-natural products to boot). We were in! She met us outside of Follain and with plenty of her own products in hand, guided us into the store to begin our (first ever) professional make-up session.

The Session

Throughout the process, we were pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism and enthusiasm from Rebecca. Since her website is an online representation of what she does in day-to-day life, we were happy to have chosen an assortment of fun fonts to liven up her professional site: now, more than ever, it seemed to be the perfect fit. She cheerfully introduced us to a ton of (amazing) new products and made us feel completely pampered. We felt like celebrities.

The Website

By the time our makeup was finished, Rebecca was so much more than a client; she was an inspiration! With her website launch on the horizon, it was so great to experience her services first hand and feel confident in our design and layout decisions. We believe everyone deserves a stunning website that shows their business off to its highest potential, and Rebecca’s was no different. Check out her beautiful new Wix website here and let’s celebrate this milestone with her!

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