DMJ Casting

Finding beauty in their process.

As one of New York’s first and oldest metal casting companies, we were tasked with making DMJ Casting's site look modern and inviting to new visitors while providing a professional space for artists to upload jewelry designs. By hiring a professional photographer, we were able to include images that celebrate the beauty of their process and the end products. Images of employees hard at work on their craft combined with inviting copy to convey their dedication to both customer service and their work, while features like the FAQ and quick upload form keep professionals educated and organized.

+ Custom Wix Website 

+ Content Strategy 

+ Copywriting 

+ Photography

The Website

With a detailed services page and company blog, our goal was to give potential customers a greater understanding of DMJ's process, and what it’s like to work with them. In their competitive industry, it’s vital to set themselves apart to win the trust and business of individual buyers and jewelers alike.

The Photography

In partnership with Liam Alexander

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