CDNV Frames

Creating a big-picture solution for a growing family business.

CDNV is a family-run frame business with roots in South America but whose work now ships worldwide. As a growing company still fueled by handcrafted artisan work, it was important that their site look professional while still paying close attention to the detailed work of the frames themselves. Perhaps more importantly, the site needed to help solve a problem: with nearly $100,000 being spent annually mailing custom frame corners to potential clients, the site needed to offer a solution for viewers to visualize their frames without actually having them in-hand. The development of CDNV’s new “frame visualizer” along with the professional photos of each product type revolutionized the way they sell their frames and helped create a rich user experience that is expected to increase sales and is the first of its kind in their industry.

+ E-Commerce

+ Custom Wordpress Website

+ Content Strategy 

+ Visual Branding

+ Copywriting 

+ Photography

The Visual Branding

In partnership with Mumtaz Mustafa Designs

The Photography

In partnership with Liam Alexander

The Website

Coming soon!

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